Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2

Do you ever look at your deer feeder and wonder if it’s really deer eating all that corn?  Many hunters wonder that, and keep putting out more, trying to get deer to their special spot on a regular basis.

Well there is good news for all you hunters, and that is what this Wildview Game Camera Review – Xtreme 2 is all about.  No more will you wonder what is coming to your feeder to eat.

According to the makers of The Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2, it can be your eyes when you are not there, and let you know exactly what is coming to your feeder, and what time it arrived.

It wasn’t that long ago that a hunter could walk up to someone’s door and ask if he could hunt out in their field, but not anymore.  People aren’t as welcoming as they used to be, and for good reason these days.  Hunting spots are fewer and far between sometimes and that is how this Wildview Game Camera Review – Xtreme 2 hopes to help you decide which camera you need.

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With a camera like the Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 you will know very soon if you have your feeder in a good hunting spot.  If you haven’t, you won’t waste time sitting there night after night waiting.  The Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 come with a 2.0 mega pixel high resolution, with 30 foot of flash range.  And, with the USB output for PC download, and expandable SD memory card slot, you will never run out of room.

This camera has a Burst mode that will take up to three sequential pictures in a three second setting.  It also provides an option for capturing 10 second videos if you prefer video.  With the camera time, date, and moon phase stamping, you will be abreast of everything that happens while you are resting peacefully in your bed.

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Four time-out settings
Burst mode 3-picture set
External power jack for extended field life
On/off switch for flash mode and battery indicator
Wide-angle coverage and 30-foot flash range

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Pros & Cons

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Here are some comments from happy buyers:


“Camera works pretty well, responds to motion detector ok, but when using flash the batteries die very quickly, within a day or two.  Fair value for the money.”

“I’m very pleased with the Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2.  This is the third one that my hunting buddies and I have bought.  In one week on one camera there was 470 photos taken and 80 percent were of wildlife.  The bright pictures I have was either because of wrong positions or the sun got it, or the deer was to close to the camera.  Now the quality of the pictures are not the best resolution, but I’m not taken the pictures for a magazine.  It lets me know when and how many deer or other animals are in the are.  As for shutter speed, I don’t have any blurred pictures.  I have also gotten great videos during the day.  For the money I don’t think you can beat this camera.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to by one.”

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Here are some negative comments that we were able to find about the wildview game camera:


“I purchased two of the Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 cameras without doing enough research.  They produce mostly poor photos, with the night time pics very grainy, and frequent day-time “whiteout” photos.”

“I ordered and received the Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 from Amazon.  It would not program or take pictures.   I emailed Amazon and they sent me another overnight.  I had it the next day.  It was just like the first one, it would not program.  I called Wildview and after taking the batteries in and out several times and letting it sit for several minutes, we got it to work.  It took 4 pics then the screen went blank again.  I am returning to Amazon for a refund.”

“I bought the Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 , they work, but I am disappointed.  It’s easy to set up and doesn’t get wet on the inside.  It’s light to carry in the woods, they are rugged and last, but the slow speed misses animals on fast trails.  It’s also hard to see the “test” light during the daylight.  Basically a good product, but too slow for my needs.”

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The Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 seems to have mixed reviews from its customers.  Some hunters swear by this camera, others could not even get theirs to work.  As one reviewer mentioned, the Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 is a lower end camera and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  The pictures will not have the same quality as a more expensive camera will, however, when it works, you will still be able to see pictures of what animals have come to your feeding spot.

We feel that for avid game hunters, this camera may not be high enough quality to depend on.  Although the price is good, and Amazon has great customer service,  the Wildview Game Camera – Xtreme 2 seems to still have some bugs in it that need to be worked out.

We suggest that you look toward a brand that may cost a little more, yet is certain to always get the pictures you need, such as Cuddeback or Moultrie. (Moultrie Gamespy d55 review)

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