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Hunting season is always an exciting time, and knowing what is coming to your feeder ahead of time, really increases the excitement!  Once you see images of that big buck coming up to feed for a few nights in a row, you know your chances are good at getting that trophy.

The Reconyx Trail Camera Hyperfire HC600 is a trail camera that uses no-glow high output convert infrared technology, which eliminates the tell-tale red glow common to most game cameras. It is not a budget-priced game camera..but you do get what you pay for.

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  • Infrared
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.1 Megapixel Camera
  • Code-Loc Pass-Code Protection
  • Weight 1.7 pounds

The Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 may be small in size, but is big when it comes to performance!  The camera has trigger speeds as fast as 1/5 of a second and Rapid Fire Video speeds up to two frames per second.

With the Ultra HD IR infrared lens you can shoot daytime color images and sharp, clear night time infrared images.  With 50 feet of infrared flash range you are sure to get really great shots.  Many game cameras give you the time and date, but the Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 will also tell you the temperature, and moon phase on each image.

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Besides a one year manufacturer’s warranty, the Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 comes with CodeLoc Pass-Code protection, which provides theft deterrence.  You can hunt in almost any weather conditions as the camera has a temperature range of 20ºF  to 120º F.

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Pros & Cons

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“In the last 10 years I have owned over 25 game cameras.  I recently purchased two of the Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 cameras.  They are hands down, without question, in a league of their own.  The trigger speed, picture quality and battery life is number one.  No false images of the grass blowing and blacked out pictures at night.  I did a comparison with a so called “Outfitter” camera.  One Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 took over 400 pictures.  The competitor took 44.  The second Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 took over 300 pictures and the “Outfitter” took just over 100.  Yes, the settings were identical for frequency and interval.  Worth every dime.  Thanks Reconyx!”

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“I’ve had other trail cams and for the most part they were worthless from false triggers to blurred images, but the Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 camera is the absolute BEST.  Picture quality, both night and day, is extremely good.  The no red glow and very little noise don’t scare the deer.  I have pics with their faces within inches while the camera works.  I had no false trigs. Battery life is amazing!  I took over 4000 pics last month.  It’s a lot of money but it’s a whole lot of camera.  You won’t regret it.”

“I am extremely impressed with the Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 camera, hands down it DESTROYS the competition!  The pictures received from this camera are crystal clear whether it’s day time or in complete darkness!  I purchased the low glow model and it is such a little glow that I’m confident it will not effect it’s use.  I had multiple pictures and every time it captured, it had multiple pics per frame.”

“I’d probably get two or three Bushnell Trophy Cams instead of this Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 camera.  That being said…this camera DOES NOT “miss” ANYTHING!  I’ve got several pics of running deer, set up on three shots per frame, and have got all three of the shots as the deer bounded across the field.  Battery life is outstanding.  Service department couldn’t be better as I has to send it back to get a sensor replaces.  I’ve had two Bushnell’s for over a year now and despite some poor reviews, I have yet to have problems with them.  They’re getting just a good batter life and take almost as good of picture.  They are somewhat slower on the trigger, but they take videos, which my Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 does not.  At this point, I can’t say for certain as to it’s longevity.  If you can afford a Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600, you will be happy with it.”



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The Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 camera is one of the most expensive trail cameras out on the market today, and feedback from customers show that even though it is expensive, it is certainly worth the expense to a hunter who wants clear and sharp pictures.  There are other cameras out there that will fill the need for many hunters, like the Bushnell, or Cuddeback.

The Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 has a good warranty, and good customer service should you have any problems with the camera.  While researching for this review we could only find one customer that had to ever send the camera back.  If you want a camera that has the low glow, is sturdy, and has a fast trigger, then you should try the Reconyx Trail Hyperfire HC600 camera.

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