Moultrie Game Spy D55 Camera “Good Mid-Price Value Camera”

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Game cameras are not just for hunting anymore, as many people just love to capture game on film, but for avid hunters, a good game camera can mean the difference between a good and bad season.  The Moultrie Game Spy D55 is a medium priced camera that could serve your purposes very well.

Choosing a camera comes down to what features you want, and how much quality you want on the images.  Some people complain that less expensive cameras have pictures that are not real clear, while many hunters, just want to see what came through to their feeder, and what time it was there.

The Moultrie Game Spy D55 camera has sharp, clear 5.0 megapixel images and a stealth of an infrared sensor for instantaneous game image capture.  You can get the Moultrie Game Spy D55 camera either in flash or infrared version.

Either way, the Moultrie helps you have high-end scouting on a budget.

Our Moultrie Game Spy D55 Camera Review

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  • Rapid Response time
  • 50-foot flash with infrared sensor
  • Easy to read photo strip
  • Temp, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID on every photo
  • Video clips during the day (5/15/30 seconds)
  • Easy to operate LCD menu display
  • Picture delay, set 1-60 minutes
  • Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (not included)

The Moultrie Game Spy D55 has upgradable software that supports SD cards up to a 16MB card, however the SD cards are sold separately.  Weather is not a problem for users of the Moultrie Game Spy D55 because it is in a weather-resistant casing.  You will also receive a USB cable and adjustable mounting strap in the box.

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Pros & Cons

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Here are some comments from buyers:

“I have 4 older flash Moultrie cameras and they worked well for me.  Their biggest draw back was battery life, which was 2-3 months.  On the Moultrie Game Spy D55 camera the picture quality is better, the battery life is better, and the ease of operation is better.  I find the data stored on the bottom of the picture to be a nice touch too.

I am averaging 40-50 pictures a week and these camera have been out since the 1st of April without a battery change.  On the last check (July 19th) they still had 65% battery life left.  It is a great camera for the price.”

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“Bought the Moultrie Game Spy D55 last year and just decided to put it out 7-23-11 at around noon.  Within a few hours we got some pictures of a beautiful 4 pointer, then at night a small doe.  Basically I wouldn’t have any other camera.  I have great still pictures and the IR works great too.”

“Outstanding.  Pictures are clear, crisps in daylight, and takes out to about 40 feet at night.  Clear if deer is still, a little blurred if moving.  I have gotten crows in flight, and that’s fast enough trigger speed for me.  Some higher end camera are faster, but for the price you can’t beat the Moultrie Game Spy D55.  I have had it out since Nov 2010, well over 500 pictures and battery life is still 78%.”

“I have 4 Cuddeback cameras and 3 of the Moultrie Game Spy D55 cameras.  Two to one I prefer the Moultrie camera.  A great product.”

“The Moultrie Game Spy D55 has performed pretty good, taking 1500 pictures on one set of batteries.  The pictures it takes are of decent quality, but it does take a fair amount of blank picture.  It was very easy to learn how to work and I figured it out in about two minutes.  Over all an alright product at an affordable price.”

“I was skeptical when I was aiming my camera, it took very late pictures and didn’t really have any distance to it.  For whatever reason it did pick up deer very well.  Had some blur when they were walking but overall nice pictures day and night.”


The negative user comments seem to be centered around the customer support from Moultrie.

“Never got the camera to work right out of the box.  Spent hours on hold with Moultrie.  I understand products may have problems, but when you can’t get a hold of the company, then it makes things very frustrating.  Once I did get a hold of someone they said to mail it is and it would be back in a couple of weeks.”

“The only thing worse than the Moultrie Game Spy D55 is their customer service.  Do not buy.”

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This review shows that the Moultrie Game Spy D55 camera is a medium priced trail camera that can reach a infrared distance of shooting up to 50 feet.  It appears to be packed with plenty of features that would make most hunters happy.  Reviews, from the majority of customers, were good ones for the Moultrie Game Spy D55 in most cases.  Customers, who were unhappy, seemed more unhappy about the Moultrie customer service than the product not working.

Save money and get great customer service as well by purchasing the Moultrie Game Spy D55 camera from Amazon.

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