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If there is one thing that hunters love, it’s camping.  Setting up camp with a group of hunters for deer, elk, or whatever you are hunting is almost as much fun as the hunt.

Taking along a game camera to watch the action for a night or two can really increase the bounty.  The Moultrie Game Spy I40 is the camera that is being reviewed today, in order to help you select the right camera for your camp.

The Moultrie Game Spy I40 is camouflaged to hide it’s position from the animals.  The rapid trigger can shoot 4-megapixel color pictures by day, and video clips at any time.

Rapid response time is needed to capture moving game, and with the 50-foot range on the Moultrie Game Spy I40 the camera  is said to produce clear pictures without any white spots.

When looking for a game camera it is important to choose one that is weather resistant.  The Moultrie Game Spy I40 claims it is airtight and that is has a battery life of 150 days.  The LCD display will show you the remaining battery life and the number of picture that have been taken.

Moultrie also makes feeders and ATV sprayers as well as game cameras and they believe they have what you need to meet your goals.  Moultrie also stands behind their products.  The Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera is covered under a limited one-year warranty.  This includes one-year repair or replacement service on the product from the date of purchase.

Moultrie Game Camera Review – Moultrie Game Spy I40

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  • 4.0 megapixle, rapid-trigger game camera
  • 150 day battery life
  • 50-foot infrared flash with no visible white flash
  • Mounting strap and weather-resistant housing
  • 32 MB internal memory
  • SD card compatible (SD card sold separately)
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds for easy transporting

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Pros & Cons

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“I have had the Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera for about 9 months now.  It takes excellent photos!  Not as high resolution as the Moultrie 6mp but I would buy this one again for the savings on price, and the minimal quality difference.  I live in MN and have used these camera in below zero degree temperature.  The battery life is unbelievable to be honest, it’s the best on the market!  From June to September I have pulled at least 2000+ photos from this model and still have 45% battery life.”

“The advertised battery life appears to be realistic.  My dad and I put the Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera out where it ran, taking 1200 to 1500 pictures for about 5 weeks and the battery life was still showing around 80%”

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“My husband wanted the Moultrie Game Spy I40 after having a lesser model.  It takes great shots at night.  It has various settings you so you can take how many, or little of pictures at a time.  We have gotten wonderful pictures of deer, bobcat, racoons, and other animals.”

I got the Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera for my husband as a gift and he has had the best time with it.  It’s so much fun to see what’s “out there”.  The battery is still going after a month and pictures and videos are clearer than I thought they would be.  The deer do see that something is there (the red lights) but it doesn’t seem to bother them, they just keep on eating.”


“Unfortunately, when the Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera arrived I immediately saw that it had a problem with the power supply.  You had to shake the camera in order to get the power to come on, and then it wouldn’t stay on for very long.  Amazon immediately sent me a return form for the defective camera, as well as a replacement.  The replacement has a problem as well, so I am returning this one to buy a different brand.”

“I have to say initially I thought this was the best.  The draw back of the tiny area to insert the SD card was not a big deal.  It took great pictures for about 6 months and was excellent on the battery life.  Now it’s been about 10 months and the display is not working any more.  I am disappointed that it didn’t last a year.”

The IR LED lights up for a good 5 seconds before shooting the picture.  I covered the lights with window tint film and the deer seemed to spot it a little less.  I am going to cover with tape and just use it as a daytime to see if the deer are looking at the IR, or just hearing the shutter.  If you are going to buy the Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera, take it out of the box and make sure yours doesn’t make too much noise before throwing away the receipt.”

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Our investigation of the Moultrie Game Spy I40 Camera has revealed that almost all customers agree that it has a great battery life, which is a major complaint in some of the other game cameras.  It also takes extremely good photos and works very well for the majority of people.

The complaints about the Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera seem to be that it either quit working after six months, or that the shutter was making too much noise.

Our recommendation, that the Moultrie Game Spy I40 camera is a good buy, based on the rapid-trigger, long battery life, larger flash area, and mostly positive reviews.  We feel you can’t go wrong on this camera, especially with the Moultrie Game Spy I40 one year warranty.

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