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Cuddeback No Flash Game Camera Infrared X2: People in Cuddeback are launching two new units, but are in production and no removal surgical specimen, or for otherwise, any photograph. We receive much information about upcoming cameras. Two new units are not an expert X2 Flash & X2, which are basically updated versions of the old flash units No. experts with some improvements. N X2 Flash, images of 5.0 mega-pixel, the day, so as a 1.3 megapixel black and white images at night. Interesting of all is a no flash X2 uses two separate cameras to take pictures during the day and night. mean everyone is optimized for best quality, both of the times. Deadlines n X2 Flash and has 15 second delay during the day and night, so can you different for everyone. Video clips are shot at 18 frames per second with higher quality. and yes, they are the best and most superior quality.

Both cameras can accept SD memory cards now instead of CF cards (which are more expensive and harder to find than SD) and the new “genius” of the system. Experts X2 has all the same features as Flash does not have the flash chamber X2 standard, but has at least 30 seconds late at night and during 15 seconds of delay the day. As soon as you get some information or photos that we will ensure that the blog about them.

It should also state that released the new edition firmware for IR cameras capture will greatly increase the Flash array with these cameras. Cuddeback Visit the site to download and update your firmware camera now

I Spy game includes 65 —
6.0 Megapixel Photos
1.8-inch built-in-Picture & Video Viewer
Barometric pressure
Password Security
Time-lapse mode
Four picture resolutions
I 65 all the functions of the I-45!

The other two units, Game Spy M 45 and M 65 are the same functions as I 45 and I-65 is available, except with the standard flash and no infrared.

However, these new features do not are not even the best part of all these new units. With all the new units, you can buy at any modem that is attached to a unit and can transmit images to form AT & T Wireless Cellular System. If the images can be sent to you Moultrie enter new game site that has private access to the images, data and cameras can offer to organize the team if it is signed. I must admit that this is very cool that the modem can buy the equipment as it is ready. Each modem is selling to about $ 150.

New Cleaner and more resistant, developing new anodizing process. Degreased and prepared in aluminum and carbon shafts. In a way powder, add tap water to get activated. Not for use in wood shafts. 23 years later, hunters want to be better than ever Cuddeback has taken the name synonymous with state of the art digital cameras scan.

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Cuddeback X2 No Flash
cameras now accept SD memory cards in place of CF cards, Get them today at

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