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Cuddeback Trail Camera Review – Capture IR

Cuddeback Trail Camera

Cuddeback Trail Camera Review

Would you like to enhance your hunting excursions?  Well you can with a trail camera, but all trail cameras are not created equal.

The Cuddeback Capture IR game scouting camera is designed with what the company calls “Centered Subject Technology”, which is supposed to yield centered photos, with fewer noses, fewer tails, and fewer blank images.

The Cuddeback Capture IR is said to get color pictures during the day and black and white infrared pictures at night. With the rotary switch programming system, it makes setup as easy as setting your alarm clock.

The color images are 5 megapixels and the infrared images are 1.3 megapixels.  Most important, the housing is weatherproof,  so the camera is safe in diverse weather conditions. The Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera is based on “Centered Subject Technology”.

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Centered subject technology
Trigger speed: Hair trigger (less than 1/3 second)
Extra long battery life
Delays: 30 seconds to 30 minutes
Media: SD Card
Rotary switch operation
3-D Reality Camo Housing (weather-resistant)
Tree attachment strap

Something unique about the Cuddeback Capture IR Trail Camera is that is can help you validate your warranty.  Cuddeback products feature an “Activation Date” that permanently saves the day the camera was purchased.

The camera also records the number of days the camera has been operating and how many images the camera has taken.  The company uses this date to help you determine if your product is still in warranty.  Of course your receipt works too, but this is for people that may have lost their receipt.

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Pros & Cons of the Cuddeback Capture IR

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“I really like this Game camera, I bought another brand last year, the Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera is easier to use, and taking the SD card out so o much easier and faster.  The pics are great, the trigger speed is great.  It’s just a great game camera.”

The Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera works as advertised.  There is no flash…nighttime photos are black and white, but that’s OK. I have the Cuddy Capture and it takes great nighttime pics but eats the batteries a lot faster.”

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The Cuddeback Capture IR Trail Camera is the best I have ever worked with.  It’s so easy to use and everything is easy to get at.  I bought an older style Cuddeback in the past but it was junk.  I was reluctant to purchase another one, but I could not have been more wrong.  They have really made enormous improvements on the Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera from time settings to the chip location.  Trigger speed is great because I caught pictures of deer running past it, so I know it is fast.”

“I would recommend the Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera to anyone who wants a no-nonsense camera.  My 70 year old father can run it, it’s so very easy to run.”

“The Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera works great, better than I would have imagined.  The sensing unit works a farther out range than I expected.  All in all, a great unit and would recommend it to anyone looking for a scouting camera.”


The negative user comments that we found seem to be based on the instructions ( or lack of) and the opinion of some that it goes through batteries quickly. (this can be true of any wildlife camera)  Here are some comments:

“Don’t forget to take the instruction manual when setting up this camera.  It’s almost impossible to set up without following each point, step by step while reading the instructions.”

“The Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera is not transmitting images to the SD card.  Will have to return for a replacement.”

“At this point, mine is eating batteries… Disappointing for a expensive camera! (but) the first season I used it I got a lot of great photos!”

“The instructions were skimpy and the use was rather complicated and overly difficult to use.  I have sent it back and received a refund.”

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The Cuddeback Capture IR Trail Camera appears to work adequately for most hunters, however for some hunters, they had trouble with the SD card not reading, or they found the instructions for set-up complicated.

If you want to give the Cuddeback Capture IR Trail Camera a try, our research has shown  that you can usually save around $50 by purchasing the camera from Amazon.  Most customers felt the prices of the Cuddeback Capture IR Trail camera was reasonable for what features and capabilities the camera offers.


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